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Do you play Rugby, American Football, Cricket, Baseball or Basketball? Are you a Gymnast, Bodybuilder, Weightlifter, Personal Trainer, Instructor or Rower? Do you specialise in Martial Arts, Street Sports, Athletics or Swimming?

Are you ready to Compete, Nominate and Challenge? Test your strength and fitness with video evidence!

Compare yourself against people of the same age and weight category, we have all the features you’ll ever need!

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With our free iOS App you can follow your Friends, Clients, Members, Trainers and Gyms. View exercises, routines and results on a daily basis whilst we keep you up to date with a Global Feed and Push Notifications

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  • Create your Own Personalised Profile Page.

  • Advertise Your Packages, Prices and Special Offers.

  • Encourage your Clients and Customers to Create a Profile confirming their reviews are REAL.

  • Build up your REAL reviews which effects how you Rank in the Local Searches.

  • Follow, Track and Compare Results of everyone throughout the Year.

  • View what’s happening with REAL Video and Photographic evidence.

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Invite all your Clients and Customers to submit independent reviews and promote your services.

View your rating and members progress with unlimited video and photographic evidence.

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Imagine Checkatrade, Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, Trip Advisor all wrapped into one, GymFit brings reality into the fitness industry to inspire, motivate, encourage and raise standards.

Now there is no hiding place for poor Gyms or inadequate Personal Trainers and Instructors.

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