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Gymfit has workouts to suit all. Everyone has a different goal or intention when it comes to fitness. Why restrict yourself to just one way of working out. Find your fitness on GymFit.

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In addition to the fun of GymFit we wanted to give something back so you can test your fitness and track your hard work.
So we have put together a FREE fitness test.

Find your fitness level
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GymFit has personally selected brands and supplement companies that will assist you in your fitness and training.

Supplements are an important part of your training and not all supplements suit all training regimes. It is important that you find the right supplements to assist your needs.

Challenge Others

Gymfit has added a feature for you to test your fitness and challenge others from around the world. Gymfit has a built in leader board function so you can track and filter by weight, age and category.

  • Challenge Yourself and others

  • Leader boards to see how you rank

  • Nominate friends and family

  • Test your progress

  • Have fun.... join in!

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Post pictures and videos, follow and be followed, like and interact. Gymfit has a built in global and following feed so you can communicate with like minded fitness enthusiasts and more from around the world just like other successful social media sites.

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