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Be Reviewed by Your Clients

  • Your Clients can leave you reviews that will show up in GymFit search and google.

  • The more 5 star reviews you have the higher you will show up in the search engines.

  • Members will be able to see if your reviews are from real clients or fake profiles. To leave a review a client has to join Gymfit.

Why ask your clients to leave you a review on Gymfit?

  • Members will need different personal trainers based on what they do, to help reach their individual goal. For example a women who might want to lose weight or a guy who wants to build muscle.

  • Reviews from your clients along side your profile details will help you attract more clients based on what you do.

Showcase What You Do

  • Set members as your clients through client request. Allowing others to see who you train.

  • Like other successful social media platforms you can post picture and video updates.

  • Your updates and post will show up in Gymfit's global feed and to those who follow you.

  • Show off your clients results.

  • Post offers or competitions for your clients or potential new clients.

  • Link out to your websites or blog posts you recommend for your clients.

  • Post goals and challenges for your clients or potential new clients.

Create your own Personalised Profile

  • Tell GymFit members all about you.

  • Gymfit has built in features for you to add your height, weight, fitness level, Bio and other credentials.

  • As GymFit grows so will profile set up additions.

  • You can follow others or be followed.

Be Found By Others

  • Your profile and reviews will show up in google based on your set up and peoples search criteria.

  • Essentially it will be like having an additional website that requires no maintenance on your behalf, let Gymfit do the work for you.

GymFit’s Unique Search Filter

  • Your profile and reviews will show up in google based on your set up and peoples search criteria.

  • Members can find you based on location, review rating, price and working hours. The more information you add to GymFit, the more you will show up in the search results.

Advertise Your Services

GymFit has added a 'Locker room' section to your profile for you to advertise your services.

  • Add your detailed information and Bio.

  • Add your contact information... telephone number and email.

  • Add your working hours.

  • Add your cost per session.

  • Add your location.

  • Add your websites and social media links.

The more you add on your GymFit profile the more members can find out if you are the right personal trainer for them.

Find New Clients

  • Use Gymfit's search section and filter to find members and potential clients near you.

  • Save money in advertising on other social media platforms trying to find new clients.

  • Gymfit members will be already be interested in health & fitness, all you need to do is search and reach out to members.

  • Find local gyms and companies and build business relationships or potential work.

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